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The Nick Cardy Gallery

OK, enough "talk" about Nick Cardy!!! Let's see some of his art!!!

All images of Crazy Magazine are copyright Marvel Comics Group.
All other artwork and characters depicted and their likenesses are copyright DC Comics, Inc.

Here are some great Cardy covers. Cardy's bold covers showcase his ability to expand the field of vision and strongly contrast the foreground and background. Many of the covers also feature great full figures. All of this at a time when logos took up 1/3 to 1/4 of the space on the cover. Now if they can only get rid of the UPC codes on the front cover!!!

Informal survey: What are your favorite Cardy covers?? e-mail your 5 - 10 favorite Cardy covers. Your favorites do not have to be on display in the Cardy Gallery.

Want to know Nick's favorite covers?? Click here .

The Cardy Gallery consists of different wings for speedier displays!!!

First Issue Special Wing
Flash Wing
Daniel Boone Wing
Superman & Batman Wing
Congo Bill Wing
DC Horror & Mystery Wing
Bat Lash Wing
Aquaman Wing
Teen Titans Wing
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