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SOS - Save Our Story, reassembling Teen Titans 20, the Joshua story

Comic Book Artist magazine is attempting to acquire copies of the original art to both versions of Teen Titans 20, "Titans Fit the Battle of Jericho". Comic Book Artist #1 Spring 1998 has an excellent article on the attempt to introduce DC's first Black super-hero, Jericho. Due to editorial pressure, the story was altered and the Jericho character was not Black. Comic Book Artist magazine says a "fair assessment of the controversy" (in these times) cannot be made without re-assembling the original story.

If you have any of the original art (or a copy) from the original or published version of the Jericho story, contact Jon B. Cooke, Editor of Comic Book Artist magazine.

Non-paid endorsement: This is a great magazine. To get issue #1 (aka first issue DC special 100-page super spectactular, an entire issue in tribute to DC Comics 1967-1974) send your name, address and $5.95 US ($6.40 Canada, $8.40 elsewhere) to TwoMorrows, 1812 Park Drive, Raleigh, NC 27605, USA. Yearly subscriptions are $20 US, $27 Canada, $37 elsewhere.

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